Born into a Musical family, Deepak was introduced to Music at a very early age, He was trained in Classical Music by his Grand father Shri Shantilal Shah and Shri Mohan Junior .

Deepak's passion , understanding and training of music led him into the world of Arrangement and Music Direction. In 25 odd years, he has had the pleasure and honor of working with almost all the Renowned Artistes from India, and has performed live on National and International platforms.

He has also composed Music and Background Scores for more than 30 Bangla , Gujarati, Punjabi and Bhojpuri films and has recorded many albums with prestigious Music Company’s like T-series, Tips, and Venus to name a few.


The Classic Grand Piano has predominantly been associated with Western Classical Music, Deepak took upon the challenge of Mastering and Owning the Piano by playing Indian Classical Raagas on it....

Innovation and Experimentation have always been Deepak's forte..His dream is to leave behind a Legacy and thus was born this rare concept….

By blending the playing styles of String Instruments like the Santoor, Sitar,and Mendoline, Deepak has created his own unique identity and style of playing the GRAND PIANO.

Deepak has already applied for Guiness Books of World Records as the Fastest Pianist in Indian Classical Music…as the existing record is in Western Classical music at 360 notes per minute , and Deepak already plays 390 notes per minute in Indian Classical Music.. Since there is no Category for Indian Classical Music played on the Piano in Guiness, Deepak is in correspondence with them to create this new Category and get the record registered.

Experience, The Rich Cultural Indian Classical Heritage with unique 'RAAGA SYMPHONY' and CLASSICAL RAAGAS Performed on the Classic Grand Piano.....